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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the guided imagery CD’s really as effective as a private session?

Yes. I’ve had a number of clients who have chosen to buy a CD instead of paying for a private session, They have experienced the same benefits. They typically listen 2 or 3 times rather than have one private session. Since they use it at home, the investment of time is probably equal.

Q. How can listening to a guided imagery CD change how one responds to surgery or chemo?

There are several factors.

First, the CD encourages relaxation. The scientific and medical communities are beginning to acknowledge the impact of stress on health. The negative impact is profound. So, a patient will typically approach a procedure with apprehension and anxiety, placing the immune system under stress. This is not a good beginning. By relaxing, the mind and body can be at their best.

Secondly, we are aware of the power of the “Placebo Effect”. The power of an intervention is enhanced by the patient’s expectations. These CD’s allow the patient to see the intervention as helpful and expect the best.

Q. Why don’t more people use these?

More and more people are looking beyond Allopathic Medicine to learn about and use other healing modalities instead of trying to be cured by Western Medicine. As people become more aware, they are incorporating a Complementary Medical approach.

As I share these CD’s, people express so much gratitude because they truly welcome the relaxation, and they may not have thought to seek out something like this.

Q. How do I use one of your CD’s?

Choose a time and place where you can safely close you eyes, be comfortable, and relax. Use either a CD player or IPod and “Listen”. It is not necessary to focus on the words; just be relaxed and in the presence of the sound. People love to feel relaxed and so usually choose to listen several times. As you are falling asleep is a great time to listen since the mind is very receptive.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. It happens when you are reading a book or watching a movie. Highway hypnosis happens when you are driving and thinking about something else. Yes, you will be in a light state of hypnosis and the subconscious will hear what it needs to make helpful changes.

Q. Why would I choose a CD over a private session?

Some prefer the convenience of listening on their schedule and the price is very economical.

Q. How can the “Preparing For Surgery” help me?

Whatever the circumstances surrounding a decision to have surgery, anxiety exists to some degree. The process of listening to the CD, relaxes both the mind and body. Medical professionals have also told us what to expect. They are obliged both legally and ethically to share with you the potential adverse outcomes. Some of this information is accepted by the subconscious mind and becomes reality. The CD frees your mind and body to do what it knows is right and helpful for comfort and healing. This means that in most INSTANCES, minimal discomfort and a rapid recovery. Most people prepared with this CD are back at work part time within 2 weeks of their surgery,

Q. How can “Cancer be Gone” help?

A diagnosis of “Cancer” can be very frightening, in spite of the fact that medical interventions have changed the course of the illness to “chronic” rather than “terminal” in the vast majority of cases. This CD uses a metaphor of cancer as weeds in a beautiful garden which can be easily removed. It encourages optimism, relaxation, and comfort during any medical treatments that are chosen. Because of our expectations (placebo effect) this is very important. I’ve had patients who have “breezed through chemo” . This is huge since the side effects of chemo can be more bothersome that the actual symptoms of the cancer.

Q. How can “Fertility enhancement for couples help me?

Many non physical causes of infertility are related to stress. How often have you known of a couple who makes the decision to stop fertility treatments and adopts a child. As soon as they become parents through adoption, the wife becomes pregnant.

Using this CD allows relaxation, positive expectations, and also instructs the subconscious to make whatever changes are needed to support a healthy pregnancy.

Q. How about “Paradise in The Dental Office”? What difference does dental care make?

Studies are now confirming how important dental health is to our overall health and well being. And, it has become apparent to me that most people have some anxiety about dental care and SOME are unable to receive the dental care at all because of anxiety. This CD creates positive expectations regarding dental appointments and oral health. It is very powerful. People who have EXPERIENCED a lifetime neglecting their dental health have used this CD and then, often in one appointment, received to dental care they needed.