Are you happy with the status quo?

The workplace has been changed recently by the economic downturn, layoffs and increased workloads.

Employers are impacted financially more than any other group.

Illness and emotional turmoil are very expensive for employers in terms of lost time, productivity, and turnover.

We are experiencing epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes and various cancers which are caused by or exacerbated by stress and life style choices.

Learn more about stress and how it effects you.

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Individual Memberships Available!
Your employer doesn't offer Sound Mind Sound Body as part of your benefits package? No worries! An individual membership lets you take advantage of our wellness plan. Pay just $24.95 per year and you will receive unlimited access to our library of hypnotherapy programs to address your needs. Click the button above and begin your journey to wellbeing.

Sound Mind Sound Body is a Subscription Service that:

  • Offers downloadable hypnotherapy and guided imagery CD's which incorporate evidence based principles that complement traditional medical care.
  • Allows Employees to download CD's independently and use in the privacy of their homes.
  • Helps resolve issues such as stress, insomnia, unhealthy behaviors and prepare for surgery or cope with cancer.
  • Supports patients and families facing any medical condition.
  • Is affordable and convenient and allows confidential access to this evidence based AMA approved modality to decrease stress, increase optimism and actively promote a sound mind which leads to a sound body.

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