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We all feel stressed sometimes...

...and not all stress is bad for you but sustained, unhealthy stress without relief can be damaging. If you have issues related to health, finance or relationships they could be caused by this unhealthy stress. By reducing stress in a healthy way you will begin to see this problems improve. If they are caused by other factors, stress reduction will put you in a calm, rational state of mind making them easier to tackle.

Hypnotherapy is one of the easiest and safest ways to deal with stress. Why?

• Hypnotherapy has fewer side effects than medications.
• Our simple, recorded exercises can be done at home, in the office and on your schedule.
• Hypnotherapy is a cost effective treatment for stress.
• Results are usually felt relatively quickly.

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Our lives are hectic.

Work, personal commitments and other obligations can feel overwhelming. This stress drives people to feel anxious and moody which has negative effects on health, relationships and well being.

But when you take just a few minutes to yourself, relax and renew the natural feelings of peace, comfort and safety by listening to "Peace" you'll begin to counteract the effects of stress.

You'll come back to your day refreshed and ready to take on whatever the universe sends your way.

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What are people saying about Sound Mind Sound Body recordings?

"I used Sharon’s CD to help me prepare for a very difficult surgery and the results were truly amazing. I brought the CD into the operating room with me and felt very calm and peaceful until they gave me anesthesia. The doctors and nurses were thrilled with how relaxed I was and how easily I recovered. I highly recommend preparing for surgery using this CD and hypnotherapy for anyone facing surgery. Sharon’s CD is terrific!" - Mary, Newburyport, MA

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"I have a friend and business acquaintance named Sharon O’Connor. She carries a long list of credentials but you’d never know it by her quiet, sweet, and humble nature. She is a skilled hypnotherapist who has helped me tremendously in breaking all previous barriers to my success. I would like to recommend that you consider attending Sharon’s upcoming class for Encouraging Sales Enthusiasm. Please consider attending and give some thought to where you want to be by the end of 2009. She can help get you there! I’m a witness." - Nicole, Business Owner, Portsmouth, NH

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"Sharon’s voice is very calming and reassuring; she can easily guide you into a calm meditative state conducive to amazing healing. My visits with her helped me overcome a bout of insomnia that lasted over a year’s time, and several failed efforts with different medications. Her CD was very helpful to me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is facing surgery in the future, Thank you Sharon!" - JG, Pembroke NH

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"In the weeks and days before my breast surgery, when I would get anxious, nervous, or could not sleep, I would listen to “Preparing for Surgery”. The guided meditation would provide the calming I needed to relax and prepare myself for the upcoming surgery. After surgery, I found “Cancer Be Gone” to be tremendously effective in assisting me cope with chemotherapy and the recovery from surgery. Your work is truly a blessing for anyone who is facing surgery and dealing with cancer." - Martha Ballston Spa, NY

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