Corporate Wellness Program

The workplace has been changed recently by the economic downturn, layoffs and increased workloads.
Employers are impacted financially more than any other group.
Illness and emotional turmoil are very expensive for employers in terms of lost time, productivity, and turnover.
We are experiencing epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes and various cancers which are caused by or exacerbated by stress and life style choices.
Sound Mind Sound Body can help businesses help their employees to overcome these trends.

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Benefits of the Sound Mind Sound Body Corporate Wellness Program

For Employees

  • Helps manage stress
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Promotes healthy behaviors
  • Allows employees to feel valued by their employer
  • Allows more rapid healing when needed

The Bottom Line

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absences and prevents sickness
  • Content, loyal employees provide better customer service

Healthcare Costs

  • Reduces health care and Worker’s Compensation costs
  • Improves health of employees
  • Decreases accidents
  • Improves relationships at workand at home

Corporate Image

  • Models a proactive approach to wellness
  • Expands benefits package
  • Good reputation improves recruitment
  • Expresses concern for well being of employees

Accessing Benefits is Easy

Your employees can simply log into our website and have access to any CD we offer from the privacy of their own home. The files are similar to the music MP3 files most people are used to and can be added to playlists on computers and mobile listening devices.

If online access for employees is not an option,  we provide a library of CD’s available in your office to allow all employees access to programs.

In addition to your CD library, you will have our pre-loaded MP3 player which allows employees who may not already have a mobile music device to take hypnotherapy sessions to the place they feel comfortable. Whether it’s a backyard sanctuary or living room couch, the Oasis of Comfort makes it easy to achieve peace of mind.

Sound Mind Sound Body is a Subscription Service That:

  • Offers downloadable hypnotherapy and guided imagery CD’s which incorporate evidence based principles that complement traditional medical care.
  • Allows Employees to download CD’s independently and use in the privacy of their homes.
  • Helps resolve issues such as stress, insomnia, unhealthy behaviors and prepare for surgery or cope with cancer.
  • Supports patients and families facing any medical condition.
  • Is affordable and convenient and allows confidential access to this evidence based AMA approved modality to decrease stress, increase optimism and actively promote a sound mind which leads to a sound body.

Your Package Will Include:

  • Unlimited Downloads for employees and their dependents
  • 1 copy of 7 CD’s plus pre-loaded MP-3 Player “Oasis of Comfort” (Additional copies can be purchased separately at a discounted rate.)