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July 16, 2014
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July 16, 2014
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Cancer Be Gone


We have all heard stories about cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy which have likely been internalized by our subconscious. Our experiences are impacted by the expectations generated by our subconsicous. This recording encourages optimism, positive expectations and relaxation allowing the immune system to function optimall


The metaphor of cancer as “weeds in a beautiful garden which can be easily managed” defuses much emotion surrounding the diagnosis along with suggestions about the treatments targeting only the cancer cells. Many people who have used this recording report “breezing through chemotherapy” and a handful of patients who were not expected to survive, had chemo and became cancer free. The first 2 tracks, which are included in each of my CD’s, encourage peace, comfort, relaxation and sound sleep. The title track (24 minutes) includes suggestions to let the subconscious view surgery a helping intervention and that each step of the way will be safe and comfortable. Here are a few suggestions for using these recordings: Be in a comfortable place where you can safely close your eyes and relax without interruption. Your bedtime is a particularly good time to listen since the mind is very receptive as you are falling asleep. There is no need to pay attention to each word; just relax and be in the presence of the music and words. It is fine to fall asleep while the recording is playing. Your mind will hear and remember what is helpful to you. Use the CD four or five times weekly, more often if you wish. Many people listen daily and experience powerful positive results.

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