"I wish to endorse Sharon O’Connor, RN,  owner of Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, LLC, for her amazing ability as a skilled and talented hypnotherapist. As I was preparing for invasive surgery, and quite frightened of the surgery process, Sharon was able to work with me for a few sessions to help me become very relaxed and calm about the upcoming procedure and the healing process which would follow the surgery. The work with Sharon made all the difference in the world! I sailed through surgery and I have recovered and healed at a very rapid rate surprising my surgeon with the quick physical return to “normal” as well as rapidly regaining my strength, energy and enthusiasm.

I highly recommend that you consider consulting with Sharon O’Connor for any personal behavior changes that you wish to make in your life. Sharon is professional, as well as personable, and you will immediately feel comfortable in her presence. Her soft voice and soothing persona will help you, too, to successfully overcome your personal obstacles and move towards achieving positive results." - Lois M, Stratham, NH

"The “Preparing For Surgery” CD was very powerful for me. I approached the surgery in a relaxed manner. In Recovery, the nurse commented “I’ve never seen someone so awake in here.”. At the first follow up appointment 4 days later, the surgeon made many comments about complete healing of the septum and said “I can’t believe you had surgery. I’d like you to sit in my waiting room and be an example to other patients.” This was a huge affirmation of the power of the mind." - ST, Exeter, NH

"Sharon’s voice is very calming and reassuring; she can easily guide you into a calm meditative state conducive to amazing healing. My visits with her helped me overcome a bout of insomnia that lasted over a year’s time, and several failed efforts with different medications. Her CD was very helpful to me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is facing surgery in the future, Thank you Sharon!" - JG, Pembroke NH